official bio

Mikaela “Mika” Lucido was born in Manila, Philippines. She graduated with an Honours Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing & Publishing at Sheridan College and was the recipient of the 2021 Ampersand Award. She is currently a full-time copywriter.

Her words have been featured in Ricepaper Magazine, Byrdie, Goalcast, Tiger Tea Zine, Cambio & Co., Rags2Riches, Living Hyphen, Overachiever Magazine, post ghost press, and Augur Magazine. Her forthcoming debut novel, Danica Dela Torre, Certified Sleuth, will be published by Annick Press in Winter 2024. She is represented by Rachel Letofsky of CookeMcDermid. This is her personal blog and not reflective of her employers’ views.

fun bio

Mikaela “Mika” Lucido immigrated to Canada from the Philippines at age four. She threw a tantrum in Hong Kong International Airport because she wanted to spend more time in the Sanrio© Hello Kitty castle but her parents didn’t want to miss their flight to, you know, Canada. It’s okay. She’s over it. (She’s not.)

Her childhood crushes consisted of: Gill from Finding Nemo, Mr. Potato Head, Antonio Vivaldi, Joan of Arc, and the sister from Zathura. According to her lore, she was always a pleasure to have in class.

A Bumble match once told her: “Bro, you were a straight up menace to society.” (Crowning achievement.) Her personal heroes include but are not limited to: Queen Esther, Habakkuk, Brené Brown, Kate C. Bowler, Maya Angelou, Caroline Winkler, John Green, and the kindly old man who offered her life advice in Kariya Park.

Mika is an aspiring bird-watcher. She would lay her life on the line for humpback whales. She is a single mother (who works two jobs, who loves her kids, and never stops—) of a five-year-old barbet named Logan Linguini. Her greatest love is Jesus. Of course, this is closely followed by her family, friends, BTS, and at the moment, Pedro Pascal. (She overuses parentheses, the em-dash, and lists.)


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